Moog Music Prodigy
Moog Music Prodigy

Prodigy, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

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radikal 09/29/2003

Moog Music Prodigy : radikal's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The Minimoog the poor? Yes and no. Yes because the Prodigy is a relatively inexpensive alternative to the legendary Moog sound, not because it has advantages allchants: emcombrement limit a careful look trs great simplicity of use and finally, y ' is not no doubt it's a Moog, a real one!

Designed in the late seventies, the Prodigy is a synthesis of mono-end fate sduire era musicians less fortunate (the musicians simply what). It includes most of its prdecesseurs CHARACTERISTICS: the legendary Moog filter 24 dB / oct, two oscillators, a wooden frame of beauty and nooorme Moog bass sound.

Ct features, the Prodigy assurment is not a machine research. It can not be distinguished by a multitude of opportunities synthse but have the essential good mono CHARACTERISTICS: two synchronized oscilloscope, an LFO ddi that do not tilt squats like its big ERRF Mini but which however does not benefitted the routing capabilities of the latter.

Of course, all custom settings are controlled thanks faade of knobs and switches DDIS. The Prodigy also has a pitch wheel and modulation.

on the other hand, no CV Gate Prodigy but many available on the second hand market has changed and t are dsormais filled.

Ct's, the Prodigy is as synth bass Whereas par excellence, normment used in all styles of electronic music. A group known trs amme honored him by borrowing his name, you make the approximation?

The Prodigy t has long been the undisputed market leader of mono synths affordable, until this comes the Pro One in 1981, he also o t replaced by the Rogue.

So if your like many other compltement piquous and you can not take out your Mini from its cocoon to take him into rpt, invest in a Prodigy, you will have a price relatively affordable, sound Moog, the Moog look in a small machine nice and easy to transport.






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