Moog Music Sub Phatty
Moog Music Sub Phatty

Sub Phatty, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

AlexT 12/05/2013

Moog Music Sub Phatty : AlexT's user review

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Moog's website is a better place to look up the technical features.
The control panel is well structured: Preset>Modulations>Oscillators>Mixer>Envelopes>Output
I think its clear, simple and logical. A nice point to start out in the analog world...
No external PSU, a good point!
And, even if it's something very personal, I think it looks very nice.


The one function - one control philosophy is very practical and makes the Sub Phatty easily controllable and intuitive. Especially as the pots in question seem to be of excellent quality and feel very nice. They are precise, "soft," regular, well-calibrated. There are hidden functions that you need to learn by heart. They are also accessible via the plug-in editor, which works fine.
Speaking of the (VST/AU) editor, I think it's well-made and effective. The plug-in allows you to save the presets, which can save you a lot of time. Nevertheless, it sometimes interferes with Logic Pro X's MIDI control, which can result in surprises. Consider adjusting the settings in the DAW.
The keyboard seems solid, it's velocity sensitive, without aftertouch. The shell (metal for the most part) and the connectors (metal and plastic) give a solid impression. The Moog know-how is obvious.


The sounds suit me fine. It can sound fat for basses or be really acid and make itself heard in the mid/high ranges. The envelopes and filters are fast, which allows you to make percussive sounds. The sub does its job well and reinforces the low end of the spectrum. The possibilities are pretty wide and aren't limited to the basses and sub. This synth loves to roar under the effect of HardSync/Resonance/Multidrive…it's fantastic! Looking for a sound is a real treat with this synth, and you can expect some surprises...It has potential, that's unquestionable.
I modified my review after six months of use. I said I was a bit disappointed, but that's not the case anymore. This synth is definitely as fun as can be, it has a powerful sound and fits my songs perfectly, in all registers (lows, mids, highs). I'm not disappointed anymore, I've become a fan now after having used it more.
It has no built-in effects.


I bought it for $1100, and I would buy it again.
What I like most is its "efficacy," you plug-in, play, you have (almost) all controls at your hand. Immediate, direct, physical access. No menus and sub-menus...And it sounds fine!
What I like the least is the integration with the computer world, it's OK but it can be perfected. The limited saving of presets without a computer. No screen.