Mos-Lab System16
Mos-Lab System16

System16, Analog Synth from Mos-Lab.

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cagouille 11/06/2009

Mos-Lab System16 : cagouille's user review

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Electronically faithful clone of the legendary Moog Modular, the Schulze, Tangerine, Moroder (no, no, not jar, eh!) ... The system 16A is perfectly homogeneous and is already going far enough in sound research. More details on the site moslab, so I do not paraphrase ...


Initially, a modular s hard ... then once you start to dip, it is a true cam that discourages anyone from returning to a modular virtual. To understand sound synthesis is the most educational tool that is because it is the user who creates the chaining of the modules.


The mos-lab differs from other modular because it offers its "old school" undeniable. In fact it's the sound I always dreamed of having the sequences of Chris Franke ("Ricochet," "Thief", "Tangram "...). Warning, this is not really the sound of the Minimoog, although there are of course a family resemblance, but that of the moog 55 or P3, which is deeper (it's rather difficult to describe with words). Needless to say, to make elektronika the former is an absolute must that brooks no rival (EMS and the ARP2600 nétant not cloned, thus almost impossible to find nowadays)


Summarize the offer for those who want the sound "moog modular"
- Either you win the lottery and you offer a moog forties revised thoroughly.
- Either you're broke (which was my case ...) and you just Arturia Moog (which is far from being ridiculous in fact it seems to me that the product had the endorsement of Bob .. . but it's still good the virtual)
- Either you buy a Dotcom or moslab.
I opted for moslab for the following reasons: it is a French artisan who makes it by following as closely as possible the original drawings of Bob, the price is more than correct and of course the sound is gigantissime. So rather than buying a travel which is very far from unanimous, encourage the initiative of this talented French ...