Roland MC-202
Roland MC-202

MC-202, Analog Synth from Roland in the MC series.

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winf51 01/18/2005

Roland MC-202 : winf51's user review


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Ngatif point: the mini keyboard is really cheap trs.
The form of fader controllers are quite nice, easy to handle, it can be used like a cross fader mixer hiphop to modulate the sound, trs fun.


The edition of his live is very simple, just play with the faders! on the other hand, without knowing the beast, it is easy to "get lost", but at the same time, that's how I found my best patches.
As against the use of squenceur trs is making head, my personal, I dropped prfrant much use live.


It's going to infrabass the shrill bleep, to a sound close to a trs acid 303.
DIFFERENT playing with parameters, the sound palette is very broad
Personally I use it coupled with an old guitar multi-effects (Boss ME8) and your exact vritablement is explosive.
I use it live with a group instead psycherock, as well as studio projects for electro and hiphop.
The overall sound of the 202 is all the same rather aggressive


I've had 3-4 years and I never tire of playing with, I still discovering new sounds.
I do not like the sequencer, too ugly to use a machine without memory!
But using live, my god it's good, ARAG quarter-turn, yells, grsille, twists in all directions, while being able to be mild, with sonnorits close to an organ (cheap of course!)
To make sounds (percussion, analog bleep, etc) she is doing well too trs.
I bought 300 euros the era, and I do not really regret, and I would do without hsiter this purchase!