Sequential Prophet-6
Sequential Prophet-6

Prophet-6, Analog Synth from Sequential.

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Cyril13 02/29/2016

Sequential Prophet-6 : Cyril13's user review

« A sublime, inspiring sound!! »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Advanced Users
The first surprising thing is how subtle its knob settings can be, I've never seen such a thing on another machine.

Finish is perfect; the chassis is sturdy and the keyboard a pleasure to play, it feels just perfect.

It's fat, warm, subtle and offers a very large array of possibilities!!!
The oscillator section is well equipped with continuous waveshapes, the pulse width parameters (very well done). You already have much to do with this one section only.
Filters are also great. The LPF is a real marvel and the HPF allows to carve the sound in a most subtle way so as to limit bass sounds when they're too present. A really great tool!
Envelopes are very fast (compared with the P08) and sound agressive, plus there is a hidden feature in the Polymod that allows a wider range in setting the envelopes' speed.
The Polymod will give you much to experiment from and will open you the open to FM sounds, I keep on discovering it day after day...
The effects are the cherry on the cake, the BBD and Spring Reverb really are excellent. With effects, your sound will take another dimension... But be assured that even without them, it already sounds huge!

Sound edition and programming are very natural and extremely intuitive, and you find yourself creating patches in surprisingly no time. Plus, the "Preset" feature will allow to break away from your programming routine in switching to the current settings of the knobs. Very inspiring to create patches that change from your usual routines.

I owned the "Prophet 08 PE" that totally satisfied me but which I felt lacked a "little something" to equate its glorious predecessor. After a little more than one month using the Prophet-6, I can say it's a wonderful piece of gear that just creates a magical sound! If you've always dreamt of owning a "Prophet 5", don't hesitate !! A real resurrection!