Sonuus i2M musicport
Sonuus i2M musicport

i2M musicport, Audio/MIDI Converter from Sonuus.

yoTrakkz 10/20/2011

Sonuus i2M musicport : yoTrakkz's user review

« cheap but good »

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I am very happy with the Sonuus i2M Music port device. The price is very low for something that provides guitar midi conversion. I'm impressed with it's responsiveness. It's important for everyone to know that I haven't yet put it through all its paces, especially fine tuning it with the software.

I did plug my guitar into it and connected to my PC, getting the signal into Cubase 5. The direct guitar sound was fine to my ear and I pumped it through Guitar Rig Pro 4 and it sounded beautiful. I recorded some chords and riffs in Cubase 5 and I'm very happy with the responsiveness overall. I have to play around more with the settings though, since I did find a noticeable delay that threw me off when I was laying down the tracks. This could be my fault though, since I'm new to DAW configurations (I used to have a home studio, but it was all analog tape).

I converted the guitar signal to midi and pumped it through some VST plug-ins I have and they sounded really good, even a concert grand piano. I hope to hell they put out a polyphonic version of this at some point. I would easily pay $300 for that! The sensitivity to attack and volume was impressive.

I connected my microphone and tried singing a piece for the piano and then some other VST's, but even when restricting the notes with the software to compensate for my voice going off pitch even by the slightest amount, the midi note would register a change to the note. Again, I need to play around with the configuration via the software more, but I'm not a bad singer and my pitch is pretty good, so I was a little concerned about this level of sensitivity. I even turned pitch bend off completely and had similar, although less frequent results.