J.Yves 10/12/2010

Peavey AmpKit : J.Yves's user review

«  Much better !!!!!!! »

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Not enough to fill this chapter, it's easy to install and configure either hardware or software .. ct
Just FYI, the software is compatible with the ampkit Irig IK Multimedia ..

I use the software on a 3G iPhone with OS 4.1 and I encountered no problem so far .. the software runs well and no worries about latency ..

I use this system since its release and I also availing oneself version IK Multimedia which totally fills its debut had me when my desire and totally owed when his Ralite .. My question is silent as to whether I would meet with the same dsillusion Ampkit .. Well no not at all .. Even if I am not entirely agree with the main criticisms made by other users IRIG on its output level, for me the main default of IRIG is the quality of modlisations we pass away with a quality Ampkit dare almost worthy of the greatest soft as we are used to rub in normal ...
In fact I found a grain worthy of the name without forgetting that even when we're on a 3G iPhone and for my part ..
Even when I had a little trouble with some beginners manage sounds but everything is back to normal soon ..
The interface is very intuitive and friendly aesthetic more ..
For the cons or down blaisse is that for a telephony application you will need a sum almost dbourser Whereas if indeed you who wish to buy the totality of the components ..
16 euros for the most basic application of a total of 61.20 euros for the add .. gear makes a total of 77.20 euros to 15 euros therefore compared the version of IK Multimedia I tell myself that quality map will simply pay .. I will only speak about the software part of course because for some hardware you need for one as for the other about thirty euros ..
For owners of Irig (hardware) know that it is compatible with software version ampkit ..
Finally, and to finish and despite the price I find very good App and above usual because I will definitely use it one day to jam with qt if the opportunity presents itself in Last minute ..
Otherwise the application presents some peculiarities supplmentaires as a tuner (specific on), a mtronomme and a recorder (one track for now) .. This will allow you to make the same ramping ..
The quality is the price too but I do it again without hesitating that choice because this little app gives me much happiness in my situation, that of a large nomad all year on the road. ..
Peavy thank you and Agile partners for their work ..