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Winter Group Buy with up to 80% off at Audiority

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Until December 23rd, organizes a Winter group buy with discounts up to 80% off and giveaway prizes.

Audiority offers to join its Winter group buy under the following terms:

  • No need to purchase a product to join the offer
  • Coupon codes can be used more than once
  • Final coupon code lasts 30 days

Discounts are valid for all Audiority products, including bundles. Entering the group buy will not obligate you to purchase anything in advance. Also, new products released this month are excluded from this promo, but will have their intro price extended (as of December 9th, the condition only applies to Magnitude).

Also, Audiority insists on the fact that it doesn’t matters whether you are already one of their customers or a newcomer: once the group buy ends, all subscribers will receive a coupon code with the final discount level achieved.

Here is a list of the discount levels and additional tiers:

  • Level 1 (1 – 20 buyers): 20% OFF
  • Level 2 (21 – 50 buyers): 25% OFF
  • Level 3 (51 – 100 buyers): 30% OFF
  • Level 4 (101 – 170 buyers): 40% OFF
  • Level 5 (171 – 250 buyers): 50% OFF
  • Level 6 (251 – 350 buyers): 60% OFF
  • Level 7 (351 – 500 buyers): 70% OFF
  • Level 8 (501 or more): 80% OFF

(bold characters indicate that at the moment this news is being published, 183 persons have already registered, guaranteeing the group buy to reach at least level 5, hence 50% off the product/bundle of your choice).

In parallel, a givaway is also organized, and reaching the following levels will automatically enter all subscribers to the offer into a drawing giving them the opportunity to win a product of their choice:

  • Reaching Level 6: 1 winner announced
  • Reaching Level 7: 2 more winners announced
  • Reaching Level 8: 5 more winners announced
  • 600 or more buyers: 10 more winners announced

Offer expires December 23rd. To read more and participate, visit Audiority’s website.

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