Behringer Bass V-amp
Behringer Bass V-amp

Bass V-amp, Bass Amp Simulator from Behringer in the V-Amp series.

nicolas_degorgue 12/14/2003

Behringer Bass V-amp : nicolas_degorgue's user review


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I resume the previous opinion ...
Prampli amp simulator for bass, guitar, keyboards and guitar electro-acoustique.Il comes in a beautiful cover with transformer, footswich 2 channels, package leaflet and manuel.Un effects available, but most importantly, modlisations 32 amp (16 bass amps, 8 amps, keyboards and four electro 4) .1 between instruments, between the 1, 2 output amp / DI, and 2 MIDI output footswich. Presets are available via a software ditables site


For fast (I connect, I play) the main parameters are available immediately.
For cons to return more inside of it must be preset editor software that is very well done: All parameters are at hand.
the manual is very thin at the same time it allows a very fast grip the rest comes by grinding machine and the editor.

In fact we need to understand the internal architecture: wha + preamp + hp + fx simultaneous denoiser + + + distortion pedal simultaneously comp.


In terms of simulation nothing to say it works very well whether it be bass, acoustic guitars, electric. It sounds very good.
the only complaint would be the level that drives the reverb sounds a bit far wrong that said this is a defect found on many other devices and chorus that are thin, but I'm picky. ..
there are plenty of preset effect on the funny as hell.


I for 1 month.
It is really convenient and good quality (sound) if it had made an effort on the connector.
I had a gx-700 just before going into oblivion!
Nevertheless I will change it spoke pro version order to benefit from the Integrating the power supply and digital output, even a losing transportabilit ....
In two words in a superb machine 180 euro.