Darkglass Electronics Duality

Duality, Bass Distortion/Overdrive from Darkglass Electronics.

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bouns83 11/25/2014

Darkglass Electronics Duality : bouns83's user review

«  Fuzz with multiple personalities »

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Finnish manufacturing fuzz pedal. Finish on top, it exudes strength.
1 knob blend to mix his clear and full. 1 knob level to adjust the sound level of the saturated signal. 1 knob duality to gradually move from its old fuzz to sound aggressive and acid fuzz. 1 knob filter for enriching or impoverishing the sound treble harmonics.


Configuration is very simple, you have to spend some time to find the sound that suits their needs, the action of the knobs is precise, and the possibilities of many sounds. But once you joined the duality knob in the counterclockwise it is the vintage side, in clockwise is the modern side, we already have a track.


This fuzz is very versatile, in any case gives a very good son.Le grain can be gentle or aggressive, acidic, creamy or sharp. It can range from mild to very dirty saturation fuzz. You can choose between a "natural" light saturation effect genre crunch and a very synthetic sound (essain kind of very angry hornets), especially thanks to the blend knob which preserves the sound of the bass or sets back from the effect . Duality fits this schizophrenic personality into a more fuzz is the successful darkglass bet.


Used only a few days, she passed the test live, by logging the mix. Nothing to do with the mxr was a little too wise and who tended to be eaten. Here we are in the presence of bad fuzz (in the manner of a Mazzette for the aggressive side), which will prove much higher if needed. It is not cheap, but given the sound quality and versatility, it is enough to calm the purchase craving effects in a while (like the rest of the products darkglass matter!).