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Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B3K
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bouns83 bouns83

«  Hot hot overdrive! »

Publié le 12/02/13 à 14:24
Bass analog overdrive pedal compact size, powered only by power supply type bump, 9 volt center négatif.Finition neat, like the rest of the range. A blend knob to mix the clear and full, a level to handle the volume of saturation, the drive for the amount of saturation, the "grunt" 3 position switch to adjust the amount of low frequencies saturate the switch "attack "2 + positions off to adjust the amount of treble to saturate.


Simple and intuitive configuration, you just have to trust his ears, impossible to find a configuration that does not ring. The possible settings are many thanks to blend that mix light and saturated sound, and switches that allow target frequency saturer.Le manual is brief but clear and gives examples of settings for the effect sought.


This pedal OD is a killer, and I weigh my words. Sound and drive that emerge are of high quality. It is the presence of a rather typical modern OD, with the possibility to obtain a very dynamic sound thanks to the bass boost, with great precision and clarity in the treble when playing on the switch attack. The blend lets go crunch simulating a tube amp that you push the gain, tone to the limit of the fuzz, but not synthetic. The set of frequencies is very well respected. Possibility to have more or less heat, more or less clearly, staying close to the sound of his bass or diluted in saturation in short, the possibilities are sooooo many!


I use it for a few weeks, and I was immediately captivated by the sound quality and dynamics of the OD. Versatility is not left as it can go from slight crunch to overdrive nasty and surly. The "clean" and defined the sound side give it a modern edge that has not compared the microtube vintage with a little more closed sound more muffled and a small zipped side suggesting saturation old. I guess with the settings that go the B3K can come hunt on the lands of vintage, the reverse is however not possible. I owned a ODB3 boss but a comparison would not be fair play because they do not boxing in the same category ... I had a Fulltone bassdive effective, nice OD, versatile, but again the quality is much higher darkglass , restitution of frequencies is far better, and the dynamics, precision saturation. It is certainly expensive, but it is in my opinion the price of quality. Personally I think that my research in terms of overdrive calmed down for a good time!
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