Ibanez TS9B Tube Screamer Bass
Ibanez TS9B Tube Screamer Bass

TS9B Tube Screamer Bass, Bass Distortion/Overdrive from Ibanez in the 9 series.

Captain Danny 04/25/2012

Ibanez TS9B Tube Screamer Bass : Captain Danny's user review

" More than a Crunch Overdrive!"

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Lower non-editable analog overdrive and not rackable. Jack on in / out and standard 9V standard. Everything is true bypass and is in a boi / box slightly larger than a Boss (format 9 series Ibanez) with a nice dark green finish.


Very simple configuration: a knob Bass (increases decreases the sound below 100Hz) and Treble (above 2kHz), a level for the output level, a gain for the overdrive level and mix to blend dry sound of the bass to sound full.
Settings for a comprehensive Overdrive of this format, the same as for an ODB-3 but 5 knobs instead of 3 singles + doubles, and that's great! Seen by the small gain against the pedal a large part of the race of knobs for Gain and Mix do not change much in her and that's not cool!
The manual is very short, together not need a very long, and gives four typical settings (not very useful because the pedal react differently to the instruments and should therefore be a case by case to get the desired sound ).
Despite the simplicity of the settings it is necessary to explore them a little before mastering the beast because it is sensitive to many things (the type of instrument, the attack of your game, your EQ's, etc. ... )


The sounds are very warm and organic, but this pedal has to be one with less gain in the market! Used alone it gives a rather slight crunch that suits me the fire of God to play the old thrash metal or hard rock, it "dirty" sound very slightly, especially on the high end it is saturated and gives better attack and definition to the rest of the sound spectrum. Basically, only I use it like an enhancer and a crunch. Otherwise, I use it after a boss ODB-3, which gives a killer effect: recovering the power of sounds distos the ODB-3 except that the sound becomes very warm, attacks see themselves clearly and fly distos dripping sounds in the mix below. Basically we get sounds almost as extreme as the largest market Fuzz except that the sound is very defined and controllable.
In short I use it with a Fender U.S. Standard PV, passive, and that's the bottom hurts: the pedal reacts according to your game but also a lot depending on the gain came upon it, with a passive bass you can not go kick in big overdrive sounds (see overdrive sounds at all), however, with active electronics you may have a bit under the feet but you can still not obtain large gain overdrive.


I use it for a month although I have since six, in fact face if this low gain, I thought it was a fault of my model bought secondhand, I have driven in a series of tests: comparison with all other TS9B that I could find in stores and visit with contracting companies. It was identical to a new, compliant, no problem. This low gain me put off for over five months, it looked like the characteristics of a TS-808 guitar but with even less overdrive, basically a pedal that only pushes the sounds slightly above the capabilities of your config (and that's exactly what it is). In short I put him five months to find a purpose and now it's done I do not regret my purchase and would do this choice, but only on occasion because 170 euros for a new pedal that adds crunch, see Overdrive light and slightly pushing your gear, it's a small price to pay! Price / quality ratio of little benefit.