Ibanez TS9B Tube Screamer Bass
Ibanez TS9B Tube Screamer Bass
MGR/Brian Noll 05/10/2003

Ibanez TS9B Tube Screamer Bass : MGR/Brian Noll's user review

"Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9"

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Bought this thing used off of ebay but it was pretty much so brand new and only paid 75 bucks for it! Retail is about 100 bucks brand new

This thing has the best blues and classic rock sound! You can even crank the drive and get a pretty good crunch sound, but if you really want crunchy sound your better off with the turbo version of the tube screamer. Great tone and simple 3 knob operation one pot for drive,tone and level. And it's built like a rock so you don't have to take it easy on this thing!

No problems so far!

Like I said...Built like a rock!

Buy this pedal for your rig. You will never regret it.

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