MXR M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz
MXR M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz

M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz, Bass Distortion/Overdrive from MXR.

Rhadamanthis 03/03/2009

MXR M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz : Rhadamanthis's user review


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Light of the big Fuzz Fuzz ... Everything is contained in that little box that takes up little space on your pedalboard.
Lighter than the old MXR, the construction of the MXR has still feels solid (I hope, given the price!), All brushed metal is the most beautiful effect.


Is he really need a manual for a pedal of this type? I do not think.
Connecting, set, ring ...
The config is simple, 3 knobs and a button Deep (Bass Boost =) Nothing too complicated. This will not prevent you from you look seriously at the settings because the knobs are very sensitive and allow you to explore a broader sonic palette.


Before buying this pedal, I tried two Electro Harmonix.

Everything is a matter of taste and grain. Some prefer the Electro Harmonix, others prefer that of the MXR.
Grain Big Muff is nice, but I found the Big Muff less versatile. And I blame him for his weakness in the Bass Boost.

The MXR El Grande offers a large amount of sounds. The 3 knobs are very sensitive and allow you to switch between heavy and fatty Fuzz something more acute and trash, plus soloist.
Without engaging the button Deep (bass boost), low frequencies are well maintained. Once engaged, the Deep potato adds seriously, especially when the tone of the MXR is facing acute beaches.
Deep button is adjustable at the back of the foot (choice of frequency range and volume of Boost or Cut)


I use it for a few weeks and am satisfied.
I appreciate its versatility and compact side in my pedalboard.
The value for money is pretty good, although fall below the 100 euros would have been better.