MXR M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz
MXR M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz

M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz, Bass Distortion/Overdrive from MXR.

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gora herria 12/30/2008

MXR M182 El Grande Bass Fuzz : gora herria's user review


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Jolie boiboite MXR brushed aluminum blue led
it's a fuzz, a pardon trs good fuzz


1 in 1 out a volume knob and a tone fuzz I find my sound in 5 minutes, not dry out, I use a personal morley ABY before the fuzz so I sound dry ahead of the fuzz I drive on another amp
there is also a small button "deep" that boosts or cuts the bass 15 db-15dB and a frequency of 87Hz 113hz adjustable in the battery compartment with a small cross 113 or 87 and a small knob - 15 15 (there are 4 screw out) so it is closed and RULES

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
there is a manual or rather say an ample cartonette


I love the sound of this gnreux vritable fuzz that goes over my head and a 4X10 trace of the same brand, I play a 5 string EADGC, the house I pass on my old friend a torque T100BX him cash the same brutal fuzz it reminded him of his youth (he was a bass amp in a punk band in the early 90)


I use it for 3 weeks
I tried a lot of fuzz: bass big muff / little big muff (guitar) and other BOSS ... and even integrated with multi-effects
but I find the panel's broader and less on the MXR synth (I have also some other pedals for that)
what I like most is the sound quality and manufacturing / finishing
lowest price but the quality is at RDV