Palmer Uebertreiber
Palmer Uebertreiber

Uebertreiber, Bass Distortion/Overdrive from Palmer in the Root Effect series.

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matthieu.marcus.bros 06/24/2013

Palmer Uebertreiber : matthieu.marcus.bros's user review

" Palmer wonders for bass"

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here is the overdrive pedal Palmer handmade (as usual) with the quality that we know the brand
a tower on the site for specifics & zou is not intuitive as 2 ^ ^


use easier because of the high reactivity of this overdrive designed specifically for bass, remember
high reactivity therefore quite impressive sensitivity knobs, take your time when test


just quality extra ^ ^!!!!
Me, I couple this with another overdrive, AMT Fatal Tube (a vitamin Slap Bass with 2 additional knobs "contour" & "gain" guitar at the base effect), each with a different setting for two distinct sounds
I was looking for her "velvet" with this pedal & I send serious wood is terrible here sounds Machiavellian!!!


I have not long turned the question in my head already have the compressor at low special of Palmer (the Deepressor) & having seen the exceptional record of this pedal when looking for my second overdrive, I directly went to Palmer & I'm thrilled!!