Boss PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer
Boss PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer

PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer, Bass Eq/Enhancer from Boss.

iamqman 09/12/2011

Boss PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer : iamqman's user review

« Nice for the time it was issued »

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Boss is created some of the best and most highly used effects pedals in the industry. Is successfully taking a huge chunk of the market because of creating such user friendly and very versatile extremely budget friendly petals. This pedal is no exception to that norm. The Boss PQ – 3D base parametric equalizer is a great little pedal for any bass players looking to tailor their frequencies in their overall bass tone to exactly what they're looking for. You have a basic three band parametric equalizer that consists of low, middle, and the high frequency control knob. Each band allows you to set the frequency and an level based upon your specific guitar needs. You also have a level control word volume control which which allows you to boost or you can cut out a lot of the volume within this panel. The level control is placed actually before all of the filters so we can be used to correct some of the effects and the straight sounds of this paddle.



* Controls: Low Level, Low Frequency, Middle Level, Middle Frequency, High Level, High Frequency, Level
* Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor
* Current Draw: 25 mA (DC 9V)
* Weight: 410g (15 oz.)
* Input Impedance: 1Mohm
* Output Impedance: 1kohm
* Residual Noise Level: -98 dBm or less(IHF-A) (all controls: center) 0 dBm = 0.775 V
* Recommended Load Impedance: 10kOhm or greater
* Recommended AC Adaptor: PSA Series


There's not really much of a tone in this pedal it is more just shaping your overall EQ properly. Many base amplifiers consists of a basic EQ section and they're pretty much voiced to the builders and manufacture specs. So when you change guitars or have different effect next petals or overdrive petals this can change your overall EQ of your bass rig. This pedal basically allows you to modify your bass frequencies little bit better depending on which gear you have in conjunction with your bass amp fire. This is a great paddle for some someone is looking to define their tone a little bit better and fine tune their overall feeling and based home.


These pedals will work with any guitar or any amplifier that you have. They will tailor your frequencies a lot better and give the bass guitarist a lot more range of fine tuning. Again there will fit with any amplifier any guitar you have so they are a great paddle for just about any application.

These pedals were sold until 1995 so the use market is the only way to go at this point. They're good pedal but today many other petals I would choose over this one at this point. Is a great eat equalizer pedal but there are a lot of other petals out there that do the exact same thing and probably do a lot better and come true bypass which this pedal is not a true bypass pedal. See you will feel and hear some of the loss of tone in your guitar rig so there's many other pedals choose from over this one. I would only recommend this panel if you get this pedal for under $30 or so but anything more than that I would check out some of the newer pedals that boss makes and even some of other manufactures of effects and parametric EQ pedals.