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PBN 03/08/2009

Yamaha ne-1 : PBN's user review


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NE-1 is an equalizer parameter (we chose the frquence on which you want to act) intended bass. It can thus rise Frequencies usually "muted" when we play, is to say essentially Frequencies medium.


The configuration is an extreme simplicity, particulirement intuitive when it comes to the three oprer contrl in presence, namely here, the gain, the choice of sound and frquence choose.
Just to test, listen, look, memorize, test, listen etc..
The manual (tlchargeable on the Internet) is short, clear, precise.


I was looking up Frequencies medium rather than with, in my case, a fading of these cruel frquences when Bass rson with roundness in outrageous power.
I use a Cort GB 55 (5 strings) and a 100 w amp Laney between range.
The unit has done its office. I am still admiring the quality of the rendering on the radical transformation of sound without that it does not suffer from altrations color or substance, without, DEFINITIONS, it loses its character re. I can admit that the effect goes my hopes del best.
I enjoy the choices you can have in the shallow end (with his more attack, catchy, punchy) or Deep impact (its a lot more round, warm, fed good nature). It can also return to the neutrality of the Flat.
What then of the medium rather famous?
We hear them, they listen, because we live with vibrate in concert with all the strings, sensitive of course. This has changed as a consequence, my calf playing because I can afford to explore fields previously dlaisses, fetch the Notes s'lveront the same title than others.


I use it for several weeks. I tried a Boss GEB qualiseur 7, moreover, very effective, but that left me on my hunger, a feeling of incompltude. Chance ads on Audiofanzine allowed me to discover the BN-1 and it's pure happiness. With age, we dfait little bit of effects, sureffets to return sounds purer, more natural. This equalizer provides only pure and efficient. I had some difficulties to find commercially, relatively few distributors in fact, when its price, 76, has obviously not constitutional brake acquisition. The price quality ratio is outstanding.
It is unfortunate that this product is not better known. May be he will become.
I would do the choice to buy one without a shadow of a doubt.