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pEJiPe 04/10/2006

Aguilar DB 359 : pEJiPe's user review


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200W all-tube amp. He takes the part of the legendary pramp DB 680, the portion of DB EQ 659 and half of the DB 728 power amp.
Like all tube amps full, the major problem is the weight ... It should not be afraid of pounds.
Now this amp is no longer produced.


The amp is very simple to use. EQ low, mid, high. Gain for the floor of the pramp between ... In short we can no longer clear.


What matters most to an amp is the sound. Well there is the.
Typical Aguilar tube but Dfine.
A superb fishing in the low / medium low and crystal clear, not runny. The acute right but still have no lens and it should be understood that this is not really an amp to sound "modern". From my point of view, a fan of slap and EBS go your way.
But for a vintage sound but not block the Ampeg, it is royal.

For me this is the best amp I've tried to jazz / bossa. It forms a perfect couple with Aguilar GS 112 and my F.


Aguilar is the srieux. This amp is above any supper. IDAL sound to sound jazzy. Remains one BMOL the weight but this is not SPECIFICATIONS this amp.