Aguilar DB 751
mesabasse 07/05/2012

Aguilar DB 751 : mesabasse's user review


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Audience: Advanced Users
Amp 750W into 4 ohms and 975W under 2ohms. Preamp tube (3) and Mosfet amp. Adjusting 3-band and two serious boots and algae, has the former. Full connectivity. We must have strong arms to carry it, but nothing for nothing!


No brainer for setting, it sounds right away.


I've never had a sound like that, yet I have had amps (mesa, ampeg, tc electronic, markbass, eden) but this is the ball.


I use it with 1x12 and 2x10 markbass traveler 1x15, 'Hat in concert, even my guitarists are found fatal. For those who want to invest in some gear pro, this is what I recommend.