Ampeg SVP-1600
Ampeg SVP-1600

SVP-1600, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg.

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MGR/Guiseppe 08/14/2006

Ampeg SVP-1600 : MGR/Guiseppe's user review

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Approx 30 years, all the classics and fusion standbys. Blues rock, blues, and 70's fusion and R/B.

Bass Central, $800.

A tank. I've never had to run this amp hard to fill even the loudest gigs, it seems a lot more powerful than I'd imagined. Running both sides mono to a 21012 and a 410 comes close to moving the Richter Scale.

Pretty heavy.

First rate. As I said, I've never really worked this amp, and despite it being in a front/back vented rack, it hasn't even gotten a bit warm.

This, with the SVPCL, is a killer rig!

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