Ampeg B-2RE
Ampeg B-2RE

B-2RE, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the B series.

Darkangelis 03/26/2006

Ampeg B-2RE : Darkangelis's user review


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A transistor amp

Dlivrant 250 watts into 8 ohms and 400 watts into 4 ohm

Multiple possibilities of connection (between a jack, output jack, XLR, effects loop ...)

No effect on it, but a four fairly efficient 12 bands you can easily disable)

+: Rglage and ability of many output
-: Not always powerful enough and a single output hp


The effective rglage 12 bands of equalization is not given to just anyone, we'll have a good time in the room rept order to find the best rglages.

By disabling the equalization, the first sound came mdium the dish is a fairly dry.

The manual is satisfesant

+: EQ 3 / 12 tapes facilitating rglages

-: A versatile enough, not always quick to find


-This amp is versatile trs, I play rock Ska mtal and no worries. In addition, during a jazz session with my Fidler castro, trs sound serious and findable ---> ps the sound is warm on top, but it has to be MRIT own.

"I use this amp with:
An active Ibanez SRX: Big deep sound, enough saturated trend vitte!
Cort a passive bass sound for big! I also like the funky cot!
Cort acoustic bass: the rockabilly I think that's his thing too, the acute are a little too dry and too slammed with such low

+: Use large trs
-: O there a style he exle?


I play this amp for 3 years, he has made numerous scne with me (caf conc, festival, concert hall), I jou top ped with a big low (with boss), a wireless , and many other gadjet.

I think this amp tends to be saturated very vitte the HP (mostly small). On or necessarily go to the 4ohm minimum of two or three speakers.

In this price range, the concurrency is hard. I think his sound is the sound simpa Hartke (especially for medium rock sound and rock bass)

I think it's a good enough amps to start in scnes serious, but it will not satisfy anyone in search of the big sound, or compete against the body while two lamps friends scratch.

With the experience and the budjet of the era, I would not change my choice of gear is sturdy and relatively lightweight.

+: Sonic palette
-: Power