Ashdown Little Giant 1000
Ashdown Little Giant 1000

Little Giant 1000, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ashdown.

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pj66 11/22/2010

Ashdown Little Giant 1000 : pj66's user review


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What type of amplification
is a class D amplifier transistor and therefore frankly very versatile in my taste
connectivity is super simple input device with a switch to an active or passive instrument DI an effects loop input output line
and two sockets Speakon combo jack 6.35
head delivers 1000 watts! that is to say 2x500 watts into 4 ohms so it's rather balèze to a head this size and this price


as regards the general configuration is frankly very simple ba ago gain entry with a view meter located at the chain end so it responds well to EQ settings
that a deep bass boost frequency 30 Hz and has a shape
EQ 4 band semi parametric is super efficient
on the manual it is frankly very simple and sincerely for a machine like the there is not really useful so that head is easy to use
sound level have achieved a very good and made very quickly by searching a bit and still live even plug it sounds more on this head really respect the sound of the instrument and the dynamic


I play mostly metal so it 's why I needed a lot of power (I mean 1000 watt is a bit exaggerated anyway:)
and the metal it is doing very well and for many different style

The sound palette is very rich have come fast to have a fat or very simply slamming looking a bit

I used a group with a ibanez BTB plugging into a tech 21 psa 1 in the feedback loop of the head with a 4X10 cabinet ampeg svt classic, and frankly it sends a very heavy I really was no trouble breaking into the mix and yet we're playing OD

and my home I live in a branch cabinet Gallien Krueger 2X10 RBX
in 8ohm is more than enough


I use extensively for 5 months and frankly I am fully satisfied that its either in my home again or she'll live very well

before I had a Hartke head ha recess 2500 so it is day and night:) and if I had the opportunity to try a EBS Fafner one of my good friends is yet another such things is in the same dimensions

what I like most is that this head is super easy to carry versatile only fault was that I blame ashdown is the color of the head which is a rather bad taste is orange very special in my case I find it ugly but hey the important thing is that it sounds

after value for money is hard to beat because the price of the head about 300 euros an AC watt is not expensive and two I'm repeating it sounds good
with the experience I think I REFERRED choice really it never fails me a little monster