Ashdown MAG 300R Head
Ashdown MAG 300R Head

MAG 300R Head, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ashdown in the MAG series.

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jayamel 08/26/2005

Ashdown MAG 300R Head : jayamel's user review


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This is just an amplifier transistors rated at 307 W RMS into 4 ohms (and approximately 200 W into 8 ohms).
It offers a fairly comprehensive range of features for an amp of this price range, since there are
2 instrument inputs (one active, one passive), a gain of SETTING THE, a 5-band EQ, a boost treble, a serious boost, a subharmonizer, an on / off switch for the EQ , an effects loop, an XLR Direct Out (post EQ), 2 HP (6.35 cm), 1 SETTING THE output level.
Apart from a few dtails (no drive because no lamp in the prampli, 5-band EQ instead of 7, choice pre / post EQ on the DI, etc..), This amp is the direct hritier (and cheaper) of the ABM SERIES of the same manufacturer.
Last point: since t 2003, SERIES MAG is assembled in China (in the case of the head that I possde).
I put 9 only because in some cases I trs prcis apprci a drive, even if, as we shall see below, the receiver would pass easily and in any fawn, a head of quality less than 400 EUR, do not ask for the moon ...


This amp is very simple to use as the conus Fawn rglages are intuitive.
The level of rglage is facilitated through the window with her little hand.
As with any amp I would recommend to the corrections for zero-start and then refine the sound by not correcting what is absolutely necessary and ncessaire. Never forget that the serious to the bottom, then bottom and finally the mediums acute thoroughly, not only useless, but in addition brings low volume final against the risks it poses to your amp (and I dare evokes the risk of "clipping" murderer for enciente).
The manual? Know! Never needed to open!
Finally, some tips, which I find they work well with this head particulirement:
If you have an active bass, dgrossisez the most of your sound on your bass playing with the tone, the volume of pickups or microphones balance, and if available, the split single / double coil.
If your bass is passive: put everything back on the bass, then adjust by keeping one simple principle: if you have such a low hum, turn down the bass instead of going up the rest. This may remind stepfather child, but every day I see committing bassists such errors.


This amp is rsolument destiny lovers sounds hot. You plug it, as I have done, a Rickenbacker 4003, a Fender Precision, a Fender Jazz, a Music Man or Warwick Corevtte active, heat is always balance.
Done particulirement apprciable (at least for me): I come without difficulty with the MAG-300R, dbarrasser me tons of acute dlivrs by Music Man. I tried the same thing with a Hartke 5500: nada, that slab, disqualified.
I use the head with this cabinet MAG-210T (2 HP 10 'as the name suggests, and 200 W continuous power handling of a impdance 8 ohms).
The power is dlivre trs satisfactory or thunder, for a configuration that is not assumed that dlivrer 200 W. In the vrit Hartke 5500 (again!) With the baffle 410XL, 400 W, however, believes in this configuration (8 ohms), do not send more frankly than his Ashdown.
I intend, however, ramp up, and as such I just order the cabinet MAG-410t, Premire tape of this evolution which will, as soon as possible j'espre, replacing MAG-300R by his great ERRF MAG-600R.
To conclude, the sounds are dlivrs trs hot, with a clear DEFINITIONS guides in the bass and midrange, even with five strings and even a cabinet with 2x10 " . A config thunder, especially since all came back less than 700 EUR, home delivery included.


I use this amp extensively (daily and 50 SRAP 60 concerts a year, not counting rptitions high volume) and grain j'apprcie this reminds me of the SVT (but less fat ), a little Trace Elliot (but with a more vintage color) and a Sunn Concert Bass just the 70s (but with more body in frquences that "roar").
I bought this amp on two bases: 1 / advice of friends that I have a bass players all over the pla, te, 2 / the sound of a bass player I've seen a night on sc MAG250 do with a cabinet and a 2x10 ". The Warwick (Thumb a good c'tait OK, but when even ...) sounded simply monstrous.
Apart from concern that a mini does not prevent the operation of the receiver (the light of needle does not work), this amp gives me any satisfaction, and gives me the feeling that no v lcher. So I would do the same choice today, except the meantime MAG600R came out a reasonable price and that's certainly the one that I would directly coupled a baffle MAG410-T (4 x 10 ").
But I say: even as a professional musician, I am extremely pleased with this amp, which give me an (almost) complete satisfaction.
Just be careful with the risks of addiction: I became an intoxicating sound Ashdown, and each time I play on another, I find them too gnralement acute or weakness in the lower mediums.