Hartke HA3500
Hartke HA3500

HA3500, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Hartke in the HA series.

Yannou le Jacky 02/14/2005

Hartke HA3500 : Yannou le Jacky's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Head amplifier hybrid
preamplification transtistor + lamps (two circuits spars with volumes indpendants)
transistor amplifier

Power: 350 Watts @ 4ohms, 240 Watts @ 8ohms

- Between active
- Between passive
- Effects loop (send + + return button dosing)
- Two 8 ohms speaker outputs (it is also possible to use an outlet with a 4 ohm speaker)
- DI output (selectable pre or post EQ, ground lift on / off)
Rglages and effects:
- Volume prampli transistor
- Volume prampli lamp
- Compressor / Limiter
- EQ 10-band graphic
- Contour (rglages low + high)
- Master
- Balance Control send / return effects loop (rear)


The configuration is simple extremmement, and although the possibility of rglages are important thanks to the contour + equalizer, you can find one that suits her in about ten minutes.

The rglages ffective and we are not printing to move the buttons to anything.

The manual is clear and sufficient for this product.


This amp sounds rather neutral.
The lamp is part prampli clearer, brighter than the transistor part and at the same time brings a little warmth in the mids. As against the transistor provides pramplification plsu low, more below.

You can get a lot of noise with. The sound is very versatile, but he can be reprohcer Cerain a lack of warmth and roundness. But this lack of roundness and synamai however compensated by a very frank and attacks. Do not expect a big sound warm and round as the ampeg, the head is not made for that. But it has a very good sound.
I use a Cort Artisan A5 (5-string active bass with Bartolini pickups) and Hartke 410 BXL cabinets (4x10 ") and BXL 115 (1x15"). The sound that I use often is plsu sound rather hollow but with a little heat in mediums from the preamp and low light. His was a rather modern.
But sometimes I play with subs dubs well below, or sounds jazz / blues / reggae plsu acoustisque more renmplis in mediums.


I use this head for a month and so far I am very satisfied. Buy about 500 new.

This is a great head for the price and if I re-mee choice I will take this head because the sound is perfect for me, and it was Sune splus srieuse the alternatives in these prices.

The ratio quality price is excellent.
It certainly was not an amp at Ampeg / SWR / Eden / ... at the grain but it was the same philosophy psa. It was a receiver that displays CHARACTERISTICS good for the price, Alrosa that brands offer prcites plsu amps with a lot of grain, but more expensive.

It was a choice that I recommend for bass players looking for an efficient, economic and password partourt. It was an amp that can easily consider keeping a while, even using configs on "pro".