Hartke HA3500
Hartke HA3500

HA3500, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Hartke in the HA series.

Waladze 11/16/2004

Hartke HA3500 : Waladze's user review


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Double lamp amplification transistor and separate settings
Power of 350W into 4 ohms or 240W into 8 ohms

An active input and a passive input jack (6.35)
A direct output pre / post EQ (XLR)
An effects loop with balance control
2 HP 8 Ohms

Contour adjustment + or - 18dB: Grave at 100Hz and 10kHz acute
10-band EQ + or - 15dB: 30Hz, 64Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 3kHz, 5kHz, 8kHz
Compressor (2:1 ratio to infinity)


The configuration of the amplifier, is simple. The separate adjustment of transistor preamplifiers or lamp can choose a general color the sound. Then the contour coarsely adjusts the égalisaton sound and equalizer to fine tune.

The manual I have is in English, but it is very well written is very clear. J'aprécie including advice for certain types of classic sounds.


I play in a cover band Pop Rock and Funk. It runs in the cafe-concert and this amp head is perfect for me. Coupled with a body 410 TP (Hartke from home), it sounds great. The sound is dry and clear, ideal for the slap. From a power perspective, 240W power seems to be very suitable to play at pretty high volume level without going through an expansion of external facade.

My bass is an Ibanez ATK405 and I must say that since I have this head, I think to change my bass (or at least the pickups) because the quality shows lack of punch and precision of my bass! !


I use this head a few months. And if I had to do the purchase today, I do it again the same choice. I have not tried other models before because I had a great price for this model and I jumped. Suddenly, the price / quality ratio seems excellent! (HA3500 410TP + + + Flight Gator 2U Cable HP € 1000).

And the last little detail is interesting is the portability: Hartke offers the combination of a head with a HA3500 HP 410TP combo and I can not imagine the weight of the whole, then having a head alone (and next to the HP), it greatly facilitates the transport, and when you live on the 2nd floor of an old building, it counts!