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Régis 05/17/2007

Markbass LMK : Régis's user review


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Transistor amplifier
Power 800w
+ Speakon jack for speakers, two front jack for instruments

2 slices mixable with separate settings. one with VLE and VPF and the other w ith FFT only. these two effects houses, can play on the equalization curve.

2 slices of interest is to play two, but mainly to prepare two different settings and switch from one to the other or the two, without taking the head.


The conf is simple, but there are already many "buttons" ...

sound by putting all the neutral is excellent. qaudn playing with the VLE and VPF or when it becomes sympatoche

manual manual .... what? ;-)


It is suitable for all styles of music almost

I played with a fender Jazzbass active.

I prefer the round, warm sound, but also clear, or fat.


I use it for 4 months
Not too small and it is easy to carry
it still lacks the brand awareness and also, but it will necessarily come!

the value is good

with experience, I would do the same choice, and if the modèel below if I can not afford