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New Markbass Line-Up for 2012

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Markbass Big Bang
News Markbass Big Bang

Markbass unveiled its new products for 2012 at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Included are three new heads and four new effect pedals.


Big Bang

A 500W microhead, 4.7 lbs, with a solid-state preamp and a design of digital power amp designed to “deliver the warmth of analog”; aux in, headphone out with level control, and footswitch-controlled mute and EQ filters.


TTE 800

An 800W version of the TTE 500 Randy Jackson signature head, with tube preamp, tube compressor, tube-driven colour (VLE) contour and Tube Technology Emulator power amp.


MoMark Black 500 / MoMark Black 800

A black tube preamp head with a choice of either 500W (analog) or 800W (digital) power amps, four-band EQ with two bands of semi-parametric mids, mute switch, VLE and VPF filters and a bi-band limiter.


MB7 Booster

7-band graphic EQ and clean boost of up to +20 dB; runs on 9V or 12V or 9V battery; true bypass.

MB7 Distorsore

Distortion with 7-band EQ for customizing your distorted tone. Runs on 9V or 12V or 9V battery; true bypass.


MB Mini Boost

Clean boost pedal (up to +20 dB) with VPF (low and high boost, mid cut), true bypass; runs on 9V or 12V, designed to fit on any pedalboard.


MB Mini Dist

In the same design, a distortion pedal with two tone controls for a variety of sounds. True bypass, runs on 9V or 12V.


For more information: markbass.it

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