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Raoul Vador Raoul Vador
Publié le 07/07/07 à 04:03
Here is a short description of the Sunn 1200s head that I use for 5 years and live again:

- 2 Channel Preamp lamps (light-saturated) to be used alone or mixed
- Transistor amplifier with 1200 watts into 2 ohms mini
- Pad-6db bass couillues
- Potentiometer Eq two bands and 10-band graphic DISENGAGEABLE
- Button Low, High and Mid Notch, which grow or dig under the factory preset.
- A compressor that just act on the bass and treble separately
- Only one tuner button to mute the output speaker and agree cushy
- A button for the DI to place pre or post EQ
- 4 speaker outputs on the rear jack format
- The XLR DI
- Input footswitch (included)
- The front panel LED to indicate the level of input signal, the channel used, compression or eq graphics enabled or not
- A power button at the same time it is obvious.

As you can see, this is mega full dashboard fighter. Plan to fly a solid and hefty friends, the head weighs a dead donkey.


While there are 309 buttons on the front and about a million possibilities to settle the beast, the fact is that it is still easy to find asser good sound. No matter what you plug in, the exeption can be a coffee machine, it sounds big and warm quickly, after you find the settings that suit you, from the root or more violent. The buttons are sufficiently precise and effective in that the settings are fine and Asser looks like what you want to hear. Only the compressor I have a problem all these years and I have some time to understand how it works with the rest of the head, you will probably hack often departing to find a setting that does not crush the sound or just makes it too dynamic.


For my part, I use this amp in all styles but mostly rock in a register, see metal but with much of groove in the game even in the trash stuff. I play 5 string active (one white and one SB51 Patrice Cort Artisan 5) and I plugged in the ass of the beautiful classic ampeg 2 HP (4x10 and 1x15).

What I like are the big sound that is full of vibrant, bold, with lots of attack and below if I need it. With Sunn I am fulfilled! to have played a lot of high-end head (Ampeg, Hartke, Eden), the sunn is the head that sounds big and warm at the moment, surely a serious lamps excellent preamp which provides a smooth natural sound that j ' love (in the Hartke oposition I think that gives me an attack too "plastic"). The reserve power is phenomenal and you probably never will pass on the 4.5 master unless you want the wallpaper off with the vibration coming out of HP.

In comparison, some very well approaching all the big bass sound and modern sounding that we love in metal and metal neo carefree, but as well to an acoustic bass with a passive, it will sound just as well.

on the other hand, it's not an amp ultra transparent. By changing the lower one recognizes the instrument, but the amp affix his pate that makes its rapidly imposing. We are surprised to have a serious egg with a low-end PLO. A kind of versatility in the size

For those looking for a rather light and the lens, I'm not saying that this little head does not do it, but I think the other will head can be better. But in his record there is no better to my ears.


For 5 years she got the praise of my sound are legion. I can not do without the sound of this beast that makes me play like in a chair and create a sense of power exitante on stage. The ragga metal while he goes to.

Only complaints: the fact that weight so that the frit is Maisnie and back to carry around, its price is ultimately justified, some lamps and the frailty of me Vallue 2 round trip and Service, and the fact Sunn factory that does more. So if you want one it will be an opportunity or buy the fender model which bought the brand.
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