Trace Elliot AH300-12 serie 6
Trace Elliot AH300-12 serie 6

AH300-12 serie 6, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Trace Elliot.

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BassTiens! 03/26/2011

Trace Elliot AH300-12 serie 6 : BassTiens!'s user review


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Head 300 Watts into 8 Ohms with hybrid preamp with a 12AX7 type tube.
Rackmount version (RAH300-12)
2 inputs (passive / active)
Gain control with visual + output volume knob.
Pre-shape trace elliot (scooped)
Emphasize Harmonic (emphasizes harmonics ...)
Drive valve to adjust the preamp level allocated to the lamp
EQ 12 bands
Noise reduction
Dual-band compressor (low and high)
2 parallel outputs to the HP jack
An XLR DI output (pre or post EQ)
1 output tuner
An effects loop (parallel or serial)
Footswitch 1 socket


Very easy to use especially for visual adjustment of the gain.
Configuration raw sound is already good. The combined pre-shape EQ 12 bands can get a fairly wide range of sounds but typed rock and scooped. The valve drive and harmonic Emphasize can tweak the sound by adding roundness and clarity (there are advantages amp lamps). Finally, the dual-band compressor can rework his post-EQ and work the attack scores (it is easily possible to have an aggressive attack to a finger-picking).
The doc is available online at the manufacturer.


The grain is very distinctive sound, but many settings can get sounds very broad. I think the AH300-12 is fully expressed in the rock but is adaptable.
4 string bass in all frequencies are well covered in the 5 string so serious out very well.
Its very fat, round and crystalline.


I use this amp for more than 10 years to play metal, rock and pop.
Currently I do not intend to change it, I especially like the different settings to fine tune the sound. The big black point of this head is its weight.