Ampeg BA-115
Ampeg BA-115

BA-115, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ampeg in the Bassamp series.

MGR/brector 05/12/2002

Ampeg BA-115 : MGR/brector's user review

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I got this amp off of ebay. I had played a bunch of amps at local shops to decide what I wanted. I wanted a good practice amp - but one I could play small gigs with. I got the amp for $300.

It was cheap :) . For what you get - it is a great deal. It isn't too heavy, has great sound and enough features for what I wanted it for. Plus it is loud! The case is pretty rugged. Also - the speaker cab is a ported inclosure. Being an ex-guitar player - it thought that was a pretty cool feature. I was used to a speaker just mounted behind a piece of wood - not w/ a ported box just for the speaker.

The tweeter hisses. I read a couple articles about this amp and all of them said something about the tweeter being noisey. You can get the hiss fairly quiet by turning the high eq down - but I didn't want to sacrifice highs. So to fix this - I just unscrewed the tweeter mounting screws and disconnected the tweeter.

It is built pretty solid. I just wish it wasn't made from particle board. Side handles would have been nice too.

For what I needed - this was the best amp to get. It has plenty of power, great sound, and isn't too heavy. I wouldn't buy any other amp for what I needed.

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