Ashdown T15-250S Combo
Ashdown T15-250S Combo

T15-250S Combo, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ashdown.

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Shark-Food 11/09/2010

Ashdown T15-250S Combo : Shark-Food's user review

«  Very good, very good! »

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Transistor amplifier.
Power is marked for 250 W if we added a further baffle, so it should only rotate in 150/180W, pros of the impedance correct.
It has an effects loop, a DI socket, button deep, bright button, connection hi / low, in short, is everything! Manuel


nonexistent (as, at least) but an amp is an amp, pretty straightforward, you press buttons, turn the knobs, in short, we want the sound .....
Well, as a novice on bass (my favorite instrument is the guitar for moultes years), I think he sounds quite good for this price range.
It's not the amp of the year, but for me who wanted an amp to correct for group play, no problem.
I remember that I am not a specialist bass amp, I have no ear for "critical" as a guitar amp.


For our small group of rock / blues, it fits perfectly.
The power is there and we hear much bass.
I play with a Yamaha "first prize" above: a RBX 374 I prefer to Squier and epi in the same price range (very personal opinion, of course, others say the opposite of me ... c is this diversity)
Well, I did not long ago, but it filled out its function, the sound is rather nice and goes well with his older brothers guitar amp (Fender Deluxe and orange Rockerverb)


I 've recently I repost later with experience.
I try warwick 15.3 I liked a little less and the Marshall MB150 I liked even less.
He's handsome, he has a mouth, it sounds good, I do it again this election.