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fricounet 04/16/2009

Behringer Ultrabass BXL450 : fricounet's user review


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Amp transistors 45 W.
Between the low jack, headphones and CD to play pnard to the playback.
The rglages arranged are: gain for the clean button, switch on the overdrive, the overdrive gain a knob shape for rgler OD and a knob rgl level for the effect level injected original sound (what's classic!)
5-band equalizer with FBQ the most useless button (to see which bands influenced you when you play) and a master volume for gnral.
We might be loved but one between good footswitch for 150 can not have everything!


The setup is relatively simple it can be done very quickly and gets a VERY good sound APRS few days to learn history.


Then we get for the price sounds really good! I play it with a cort share (which I recommend by the way) and you can get her hot with the meds and gain a sound background as well metallique focusing more on the treble. I play mostly rock (like Muse or Arctic Monkeys) with but I also play jazz, pop and funk and the amp is still high. At the OD I do not use it much because I have a multi-purpose zoom B2.1u but it is all enough for even very low.


I use it for 1 1 / 2 years and I'm absolutely not the contrary. It was my first amp and I intend to use it for a long time, The report is excellent qualitprix it is hard to beat that price. With exprience MODEL I'll take the above for the "ultrabass";)