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MGR/vetomaster 02/03/2002

Carvin PB100-10 : MGR/vetomaster's user review

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I bought this amp from the Carvin superstore in San Deigo, CA. The People there were quite friendly, and they didn't hover over me, and even let me play on their custom shop basses.

The amp is 1x15 with 100w at 8ohms. I paid 299.99 for it.

The sound is supurb. I've played in Peavy, Fender, SWR, and other amps, but this one sounds better. Carvin makes their own speakers, so they get the sound they need for a bass amp. The controls for sound are easy to use, and give a variety of sounds. From bright to muddy, it does it all. It is light, only 49 lbs. It has an extension speaker feature, phone out, and effects loop. Other feature it has that other amps in this class don't are the compressor, giving up to 3:1 compression, and a noise gate, kepping the amp absolutely quiet qhile you aren't playing.

The only problem I have come across so far is the imput plug comes loose. Of course I am a wild one while I play and the cord does get yanked around a bit. All it takes to fix it is pliers.

Made from 7 ply plywood, it is stronger than most amps, which are built with particle board, and it is also lighter. There is a thick metal grill on the front. Very sturdy.

An overall great practice, small venue, or recording amp, with a great tone, great quality, great price. I'm sold on it.

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