Carvin PB100-15
Carvin PB100-15

PB100-15, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Carvin.

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Monsaigneur Bozo 05/15/2006

Carvin PB100-15 : Monsaigneur Bozo's user review


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100w transistor, 7potards: 1 tonne 1volume 1gain 1frequence 1gate 1compression 1treble more 3selecteurs 1midle 1low and 1high.YEAH DUDE! The coating is carpeted, well c the problem is that my cat's claws Reum is above GRRR! the hp is 15 inches and 400W (o yeah!) weighs 19kg too heavy ... then a lot of input on the back in (headphone exit Bafle send Independence hp return on the amp ... Calm [/ b]


Super easy to use Polivalente sound dirty but we will not quibble bo. VERY (too) good sound and jai no manual (used)


The sound is cool too clean for my taste (I did the grunge that is to jcroit ca) I play a Cort Action Bass 4 string that I adrore branch has a good old distortion (jackhamer, Marshall) is obtained offf a bit of everything but I love it when I play music experimantale has a very good power c cool. BEN QUICK jaime and I love this amp but the sound is not asser CRAD


I Utis a year since I love powerful good looks but the sound is good grunge pa RAPORT qual prices veiled fo ke jaye bay shit!