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Crate BT220
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MGR/ravaging 08/02/2004

Crate BT220 : MGR/ravaging's user review

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I bought this at Guitar Center because I needed a bigger amp for gigging. I paid $499 for this beast.

The Crate BT-220 has a nice 15" speaker with 220 watts. This is one of the loudest amps I have ever heard and it is well worth the money. I like the clean/distortion pedal that comes with it and it is very handy. I especially love the automatic tuner on top of the amp because it accurately tunes your bass and you can use it to tune down a half step, whole step, or whatever you want to tune to.

The only thing I don't like about this amp is that it is 87 lbs. and is a pain in the ass to get up stairs by yourself.

This amp is built like a tank and has great sound quality. The lows are very loud and are not crackly or anything and the highs are very nice.

The bottom line is that this amp is my best purchase so far and if loud enough to do any gig that you might come across.

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