EBS Drome 12
EBS Drome 12
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ziggybass 04/13/2014

EBS Drome 12 : ziggybass's user review

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EBS DROME Manufactured 2006 Sweden
150 Watts Combo Amp.

It's the size of a small home 40 watt Peavy and weighs less that a 60 watts Peavey.
I have spoken to owners of the new Chinese built EBS Drome Classic's and they state they have a product as least as good as My Swedish built Drome


I have played Bass 53-or 54 years. I have owned Fender, Peavey, Ashdown and many more and they all weighed a lot.

This Bass Amp Combo is smaller and lighter than any of them:

Built in Compressor is worth $500. It out performs any pedal!

The Manuel is clear and comes with wiring diagram!

Lows, mids, Highs to die for!

Played straight Thru in a 30.000 cubic m hall and 600 people. They all said they heard me!


Warwick Thumb,Slap/Funk/Blues. Yamaha BB714 BS,Slap/Funk/Rock/Blues/Soul & Jazz, Ibenez 3001, Fender Marcus Miller Jazz, etc etc!



Does what it is supposed to,in the way it is supposed to! ziggybass