EBS Classic Session 60
EBS Classic Session 60

Classic Session 60, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from EBS in the Classic Session series.

arthemus10 10/10/2011

EBS Classic Session 60 : arthemus10's user review

«  Power / price excellent, but .... »

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The manual is all that is over ..... simple.


Played with Ibanez SR500 (active - new ropes), I would have three things wrong with this amp:
- It is (too) accurate in the sense that we mean really (too) much the attack of the strings and the slightest sounds of slide etc ...
- The tweeter, snoring when the knobs are pushed beyond the half.
- Finish really cheap: the plastic strap is torn when it carries the bug. The coating "imitation leather" is a fine film that leaves the hitch.

At the "undeniable qualities":
- Power: 60W ... more than enough to get you into trouble with your neighbors :-)
- Weight: 16kg .... ridiculous, considering the power output.
- Sound: Despite the flaws mentioned above, there really is something to dig the sound - the key "character" is simply magical, as it can make even more serious velvety and round.


Used for 1 month, I wanted an amp to study compact and providing present and serious round. From this point of view, I am satisfied. Still, I find it hard to digest the negatives mentioned above.

Of course, forget the reputation of superlative stage amps EBS. It is made in China.