Fender Rumble 15 Combo
Fender Rumble 15 Combo

Rumble 15 Combo, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Rumble series.

mickapat 07/21/2004

Fender Rumble 15 Combo : mickapat's user review


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Transistor amplifier 15w
Between 1 + to + headphone jack
volume, bass, midle, treble


Intuitive configuration:
one branch, one rule, and sends the sauce


Suitable for all styles
trs's correct, trs slamming hot, funk to jazz
Now the bass amp of my dream is the same but + powerful power bourrinner with my poto


I have been using 2 months of intensive
trs's satisfactory but insufisant group
I like its versatility, I do not like his lack of power (but hey, c and a 15W in my room, it is more than enough if you want to do rallies parents) and no gain SETTING THE
q / p excellent: the amp perfect for beginners and start to have fun with a scratch, 135 is given