Fender Rumble 60
Fender Rumble 60

Rumble 60, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Rumble series.

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MGR/Angelo Vila 12/27/2004

Fender Rumble 60 : MGR/Angelo Vila's user review

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I bought the Rumble 60 from Guitar Center because my friend who works there said this 60 watt growler is clearer than the crates and the behringer amps and can compete with some of the 100 watt amps in terms of power. I paid $200 for my rumbler.

I love this unit because it is a very versatile amp that has enough power to be a good practice amp and for small gigs. It has a glowing red light so whenver you hit notes it just lights up. It also allows you to do almost anything in terms of recording, effects etc.

This thing is pretty dense and heavy at around 50 lbs. Other than that, it's pretty good.

Fender is like the Chevy of the guitar world. This thing is a rock. Solid.

Every bass player should buy this as thier practice amp. Even though I've used it for small gigs, it doesn't have the power for moderate gigs but is perfect for practice and you won't be overshadowed by the guitarist. It fits perfectly in my college dorm. At around $200, it can't be beat.

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