Fender Rumble 75
Fender Rumble 75

Rumble 75, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Rumble series.

MGR/Billy 05/20/2011

Fender Rumble 75 : MGR/Billy's user review

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The Rumble 75 is the bigger, powerful brother of the Rumble 15 and 30 by Fender. I'll bet the Rumble 75 has a later curfew too!

I played this against the Fender Rumble 30 planning on buying whichever sounded better to me. To be honest 75 watts and 30 aren't too far off. This amp was only a hair louder than the 30, but lacked the punch and attack of the 30. I believe that is due to the bigger speaker. The price tag on this puppy is $249

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The drive feature is cool. It goes before the EQ so it is sort of like having a distortion pedal built right into the amp. The knobs are drive and blend. Drive naturally adjusts how much distortion the amp gets and blend adjusts the frequency so you don't loose any clean bottom end.

Overall the amp sound just a little to muddy for me. When playing with less power you need to be able to dial in a sharp EQ to cut through and this amp was just not showing me any love.

Well built for its price category. It is covered in tolex and the kickback design offers you more options on where you want to throw the sound.

I really can't say this is a bad amp, but I didn't not love it either. I would highly suggest test driving one before you decided to purchase it. If you don't mind a little less power, checkout the Rumble 30.

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