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Genz-Benz ML 200-210T
Genz-Benz ML 200-210T

Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Genz-Benz belonging to the ML 200 series

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Published on 12/21/07 at 15:50
This combo DLivre 200W transistors with a lamp in prampli, after the seller.
The rglages are prrgls bypassables and filters, to boost the bass, to dig a medium, one for the treble booster, then comes a 3-band equalizer with semi mduim paramtrique .dropoff window
There is also a button to initiate a limiter.


Setup is simple, plug, play with prrgls filters or with paramtrique.
The presence in the bass is amazing for a 2x10 ", I play with 6 strings active and so serious going very well (a reasonable volume).
The tweeter does not pretend and you have attnuer acute that they do not become aggressive.


In fact this amp can be surprisingly neutrality.
I find the sound of my bass as reflected through a DI and a great sound system.
The rglages do in finesse, to color the sound it is better to use the balance microphones, the electronic bass.
Chording going really well, not too Introduced in there, never draft.
It's simple, my cort sounded like a LEDUC ......


I just tried this combo in a store this after noon.
My Trace Elliot combo is rolled by this machine.
L o Trace seems draft (in mdium), the GENZ BENZ is exemplary.
on the other hand for saturs sounds compresss, colors, I think this is not the right amp.
But for those seeking finesse, playing nuances, then the .......
Look no further.
I put 10 because that's the sound I'm looking now.