Harley Benton CB-110X
Harley Benton CB-110X

CB-110X, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Harley Benton.

Grenouillère 05/22/2010

Harley Benton CB-110X : Grenouillère's user review

" Breathtaking!"

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So we have a combo transistor. 110 W RMS into 8 ohms, can connect another speaker and more! Speaker output: 12 "
We have an Equal Parametric: bass, low mids, high mids, treble.
Plus a second Equal and fair for bass Trebble ...

We have an auxiliary input (CD, MD, MP3 ...) / preamp input / output external Hp / and a headphone output.

In addition: a boost bass and treble Bosst! More effects: delay (1 way) and chorus (8modes) ...

Nothing but the config is already bleuffante!


The config is pretty simple: you plug, adjusted the equation (if you want because you can disable it ...) and we play!
In fact it is in the spirit of Roland Cube, but much cheaper!
amp by its small size, but sends graaaaaave!


The sound: right, clean, not colored (we find really mind Rolland Cube (I used a cube for 1 year). It's pretty impressive what this little thing sends "Actually I wanted a combo easily transportable, so I can use it again, even more, I am thrilled!
I used to rehearse with a dance band, and the other "rock". I can say that it ensures all the time!
While 100 watt AC may seem. Well I repeated with my drummer (lumberjack inside) a scratch (50 Watt all-tube!), And my singer (400 W frontage) Well I can tell you that I was there! And just with the hp 12 "! My drummer just could not (I usually play on 4x Hartke 3500 + 10). My settings with low passive quarter earnings, half volume! And I was super strong! I think even use it for small gigs in pubs, bars so he has power, and with its low weight: 16 kgs! Happiness!
for fun I plugged the above 4x10! Awesome!
Note: When you connect an external hp, the hp continuous internal function: this is not the case with many combos!

To the sound itself is really rolland: law, not colored ... After you modulate with equations!
I think it will suit anyone looking Rolland mind but much cheaper!


How much for this amp in the window? € 145 at Mr T. from germany ...
I hesitated with a G & K which was a tad more expensive, but now I regret nothing!
Yet I had a priori against the mark "Harley Benton", but my guitar player who used a HP, said he was delighted, so I thought why not!

So in summary, if you want a cheap amp, powerful, not bulky and lightweight (my back says thank you to bring her 16 kgs face 40 of my 4x 10!) And vowed that dare to put your prejudices aside, go for it!
NB: Do not expect to play outdoors in front of 500 people (although included in the PA?). More seriously it has a very good potato, but it is a combo of 100 W!