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iamqman 07/29/2011

Hughes & Kettner BassForce L : iamqman's user review

« Cool but strange »

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Hughes and Kettner have built some of the world's best amplifiers and most of that is from the guitar market and to much talk over the bass stuff. Even though they have a good reputation of having high quality products sometimes they can miss it.

Their Quantum stuff for basses are very good. The tone is very well balanced and the design is extremely user friendly. This stuff not so much. Not that this combo is bad but just in comparison to the Quantum this is a bit of a downgrade.


Power 100Watts
Poweramp Dynaclip
Preamp solid-state
Effects Loop serial
Line Out Yes
Equalizer 3 Bands
Speakers 1x 15" Power Pro, 300 Watt, 4 Ohm
Dimensions 496 x 547 x 420
Weight 24 kg /53,5 lbs


This little combo doesn't put out a whole lot of power for bass but enough to have a good little combo to practice with at home and in a small gigging setup. This combo ha a nice 15 inch speaker that puts out some good tight low end thump. The solid state tone pretty decent for a solid state, but I wish it had at least one preamp tube in the mix so that you could get a good tube tone in the voicing of the amp. You need to solid state power section to get this amp up gigging volumes and power. The bass needs a lot more power than a guitar amp does. So you must have the solid state unless you have some KT88 power tubes in there and at best you would get around 300 watts of power. With the solid state you can get a whole lot more wattage. Either way you get a lot of of this simple amp. There isn't a whole lot of tone features and not a lot of options but just a basic setup and a good workable bass amp.


The tone is a great tone for what it is. This is a great practice amp for someone who is on a budget and you can find these for not a whole lot of money. They are good amps for what you get. These amps have been discontinued for a while now so the used market is the only way to get this combo at this point. I have no idea what the going rate for these are but I cannot expect them to be outrageous of anything. I would recommend this amp if you can get a good deal on it and that being around $100 or so.