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lexcyfer 12/22/2004

Hughes & Kettner BassForce XL : lexcyfer's user review


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200 W: more than enough for caf'con but a bit tight for the collection's outdoor

Connectors: XLR or jack
Between: active or passive
HF Horn

Equalization: Gain / Bass / Mid / Treble EQ + pr-possible according to the style of play (or mediator doight slap) this is very practical since it has a basic sound that is somewhat dcliner depending on the game without going through the pre-rglages and its equalization trs well done (be careful during song must prvoir a bridge or other way or it is free since the changes s' ffectuent a selector positions 4 (3 types of game + pr-EQ off) and not on pedals)


Trs intuitive since it suffices to select one of the pre-equalizer and put the rest at noon and sounds dja!

three bands qualisation supplmentres should pose a problem person.

After a few minutes (10 or 15 has broken all) it does not change anything and here is rgl for Life


With pre-equalization:

For the game to doight:
is the big fat greasy well round will be hard without her having a sound "touffquot, but if you want a sound with a good offense and a touch of fever is the foot! !

For the slap:
Then the me you attack his monstrous sound is pure slap sen note and slap mls of PCHE is happiness. surment the best type of game for this amp

For mdiator I have no opinion because I play dtest mdiator (the sound does not please me at all no matter the amp)

If not for those who will not use the pre-EQ the sound is not bad ass their acute attack is what it sounds mtal, could use some jazz, blues America to be using (though with some its not good rglages pass ...), the heavy rock and pop is no probs for you!


Its more than six months do I use it I board had no problem nothing has snapped despite the fact that it did three years Pette fire.

I pay the price of the argus (500) May he spend 2 years and some in a store without serving nine 900 euros but displays its might be just a levsngocier 750 / 800 euros and you will not deus.

A bit difficult to transport because of a pea
However, the guard in front of the enclosure mtal not detrimental to the sound, but offers protection for frontal imporatnt (unlike traditional amp that n'on a thin button of tissue)
Grip incorporates

I have no regrets, it provides for what I did, strong and reliable its worth