Hughes & Kettner QC 310

QC 310, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Hughes & Kettner in the Quantum series.

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iamqman 07/25/2011

Hughes & Kettner QC 310 : iamqman's user review

« Nice liitle bass amp »

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This a German company who designs high quality guitar amps for touring musicians and the average consumer. They guitar amps that range from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The have a flagship amplifier and this is it. The Trimap from Hughes and Kettner.

Some big names have pickup amps from Hughes and Kettner including Alex Lifeson from the band Rush and Tommy Thayer from the band Kiss. Those two gentlemen have their own signature models but they have used been great artist for this company.

This is a bass amp for those who need a good little combo to practice at home with. You wouldn't think it but this thing has 300 watts of power. Just by first glance you would not think that you could get 300 watts of power from this thing, but it pacts a wallop.


Power 300 Watts
Poweramp Dynavalve™
Preamp TubeTouch™
Effects Loop serial
Footswitch/Stageboard optional FS-2
Switching Functions FX Loop, Punch
Special Features Ultra Low Weight Okume housing
Headphones Yes
Line Out balanced
Compressor Tube Growl
Equalizer 4-Band parallel
Tubes 1x 12AX7
Speaker Outputs 2x 4-8 Ohms in series to internal speaker 1/4" jack
Speakers 1x 10" Eminence® Neodymium
Dimensions 500 x 505 x 350 mm
Weight 17 kg/38 lbs


This amp has a nice Dual-cone neodymium speaker inside. The tone is nice and punchy and gets gnarly growl tone that is suitable for crunch tones in your music. It also has a balanced line out for going straight into a house pa system or mixer or even going direct when in a recording session.

The tone is a great bass tone. You have a saturation overdrive control knob that allows you to drive your tone even more than simple bass clean tone. The amp also has a great serial effects loop for allowing you to incorporate your favorite effects pedals or rack units into your sound. This is one fine bass amp and very versatile amp as well.


These amps have been discontinued for some time now. I have seen them in the used classifieds and ebay fr right around $250 for this size and speaker. They vary between wattage and speaker size.This is the lowest priced version of this model. It s a great amp for those needing a good practice bass amp or a convenient combo to go direct with.