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track down 10/05/2005

Ibanez SW65 : track down's user review


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The amp is solid state, power is 65watt, there is a limit very useful to avoid damaging the amp is starting to inch kan volume there is a volume knob, gain, bass (low), middle (medium ), treble (high), presence and that's all I think. there came a jack (or damage that is not 2), a left end, which reads out a speaker was the head of Lampl (turned off) and there came a CD.


Then use simple hand you die, then you turn the knobs and the sound is cool bin're happy! There is no manual anyway.


He agree well with my style of music, it is very Polivalente but I play mostly metal with neo. I use a bass G & B (nobody knows this is bizar brand) with a transparent multi effects pedal BOSS ME-50B and a little soon to be Ibanez Ergodyne EDB 605 or 305 SRX, but there is a very very big hick, the we begin a meter of how the sound volume was saturated and the worst we play as a Bourin. I use an adjustable enough neo metal, 0 to middle, bass and background has a trible bottom.


I use it since Christmas 2004, I did not try many model before it was but I was after trying and I'm really not on, but to whom it means more than I suggest you largely of buy the 100watt model. The price / quality ratio is enormous, for € 250 was a really good amp booster by 65watt. With the experience j'orais surments price model above (100watt) but hey it is still € 444