Orange Crush 20B
Orange Crush 20B

Crush 20B, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Orange in the Crush Bass series.

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wil4linux 01/10/2006

Orange Crush 20B : wil4linux's user review


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Behind closed transistor amplifier 20W
The 20W, they feel pretty good ...
The pots:
- Volume
- Treble
- Middle
- Bass
- Gain
Only between a guitar and a headphone output.
As a guitarist, I know too much other Bass amp, but what disappoints me is the lack of reverb

A single channel, but there is a gain knob ... (the gan is very small)


The config is simple,
the sound quality is even if it is a
No manual

One branch and plays tt ca alone


I was offered this amp, not knowing that it's a bass amp.
It's not a guitarist Must pr, but it could well satisafaire
a bass player. Ya sound is what is missing aps, small, easily transportable,
color is ... I love Yolie Yolie bcp ptant orange.


I've had three months.
It is nice, but the absnce reverb and distortion of truth makes me a channel of change
with something else ...
Be ca pa Forget the rest of the Orange ...