Phil Jones Bass Suitcase
Phil Jones Bass Suitcase

Suitcase, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Phil Jones Bass.

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comby 01/21/2010

Phil Jones Bass Suitcase : comby's user review


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It's a transistor amp dlivre 200 watts into 8 ohms and 300 into 4 ohms
2 channels
4 HP 8 inch PJB Piranha Type B
<div> 2 between Active / Passive inputs </div>

<div> 5-band graphic equalizer 2
2 volumes input </div>

<div> 2 Optical Limiters </div>

<div> 1 Headphone </div>

<div> 1 Output Jack Pramper
1 XLR out
1 lift switch / ground
An effects loop
1 output tuner (tuner) </div>

<div> 2 speaker outputs into 4 or 8 ohms </div>

<div> Ultra low noise pre amplifier circuit.
1 volume gnral

I do not see what you can ask for more. It is very comprehensive. I put 10/10.

Manufacturing Gnrale is super high end, the knobs are "heavy" and should last for years, we have a print quality of assembly, strong and incredible precision: a Crafts and feels no mass production! </div>


The configuration is simple: we choose active or passive and after that the equalizer 5 band, the input volume and the compressor / limiter.
The manual is not a "pav but this amp is very easy to take in hand. You can the download here: ft = download & id = 9 & fid = 18 ( )

After a few rglages I found the right sound with a Jazz Bass: Slap, walking ... no problem the qualiseur is very efficient and allows for very rglages without spending hours. This is an amp that is very neutral. He captures very well the sound of the instrument without altrer. With effects intressant's pretty too: prampli does not connote the sound that really makes will appreciate its pedals or effects processors?

I put 9 because the sound is not perfect. DEFINITIONS but it's a great amp for a very quality sound.


I play mostly with a jazz bass. Funk, jazz, some pop / rock and sometimes punk nerv.

I got a neat sound incredible without difficulty, are walking Dfine. The slaps are accurate to. with distortion you get a big sound very fat (Français Muff'n). It's really a neutral base amp, just turn the knobs to change the sound.
I also played with a guitar (Stratocaster) and no surprise: a crystal clear and very deep, the gain will ... a pure delight. With distortion it works too, sending the heavy with a well Dfine. For sound mushy: I have neither guitar nor the effects that go well ... not test.

I put 10 because I think this amp can play anything: its neutrality can hear the essence of the instrument and to give effect meaningless.


I use it for a year, I pass by before a DIFFERENT models: Ampeg, Orange, Trace Eliot, Fender (lamps, transistors ...)
What I wanted was an amp branch on which we live and was immediately sound. That's what I enjoy, it sublimates my jazz bass.
I'm not a fan of effects, it says I test with a distortion, chorus or a Wha is top.

The report price is very good quality: the sound is the quality and workmanship is without equal in the market has less to go tapper in the super premium.

I would do without hesitating that choice, I think that Phil Jones has it all: a powerful amplifier, neutral and versatile, a quality of manufacture "the German".

I put 9 / 10 because perfection is not of this world!