Stagg 60 BA
Stagg 60 BA
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Byakurai 08/05/2011

Stagg 60 BA : Byakurai's user review

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Transistor amplifier 60w RMS (Root Mean Square)
1 HP 12 "(~ 30cm) 20Kg.

An entry MP3/Aux
An entry "Send" and output "Return" to the effects loop or a floor.
A headphone jack to play in silence.

3-band EQ: Bass / Medium / treble.
A compressor.
Controller "Master".


Amp very intuitive to configure, varies from mild to warm, crystal clear sound with a proper attack.

The average time to find the sound that must be no more than a minute to see the 30s if you're used to the amp.

Entry MP3/Aux and effective, does not depend on the Master. But the range of the cone of HP does not clear in the highs. on the other hand, works very well as a bass for evening


I play mainly metal and Stun Rock. The amp correctly answer two style, but to repeat 'for the stage. Unless you have good back with subwoofer, the sound will not be powerful enough for the outdoor concert to see from 40m 50m.

This amp should be at Punk, Blues and Funk also but less jazz, classical or pop, whatever ...

It responds very well and other aus fuzz distortion or overdrive, no worries!
And with HP 12 ", test the octave, I had no opportunity yet but it should be fun.


I use it for two years or so, my first amp.
It is suitable for beginners seeking the power to fight against that damned drummer who had his fists heavy and probably deaf crazy!

I advice not to use it if the guitarist plays with a 100w or more and repeated '. That you push to boost your knob and saturate the sound making it dirty and not at all clear.